Diversity Statement


Britsburgh welcomes everyone to celebrate and commemorate the history, culture, and traditions of Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations. Our multicultural programs are 100% inclusive and designed to appeal to audiences from all economic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Britsburgh's board of directors and program planning groups are constantly seeking to expand to represent the wide range of multicultural diversity found throughout the Pittsburgh region.


Much like the corner pub in Britain, our social activities are designed to be enjoyable where everyone can seek new friends, often in uniquely British settings. Britsburgh believes that invoking a sense of belonging is core to its mission and that if our friends, members, and supporters feel that they belong, we are on the right track.



Our Mission

Britsburgh enriches the Pittsburgh region with year-round programs and events about British history, tradition and culture that give participants opportunities to engage with one another in a lively spirit of camaraderie.


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